Connect Salesforce and Sharepoint

Discover the best of 

both worlds!

24 files from salesforce to sharepoint

"Thanks to the combined strengths of Salesforce and SharePoint, we send correct proposals to our customers at 25% less throughput time."

Jos Breyne (Director Sales Engineering, St Engineering iDirect)

Why connect Salesforce with SharePoint?

Increase productivity

Spend less time looking for the right file.

All recent files are displayed within a synced folder structure. File versioning gives you an easy to follow track record.


Share information carelessly and collaborate between teams.
Never switch between applications again. Salesforce users don’t need to upload files in different locations and non-Salesforce users will always have access to the right files in SharePoint.

Improve processes

Let customers handle the upload.

Eliminate redundancies and let customers upload files themselves into SharePoint, without giving them authorisation or risk possible security leaks. Your team can access all uploaded files directly through Salesforce and SharePoint.

Large file sharing

Never exceed your Salesforce storage capacity.

All files saved to SharePoint can be viewed and managed directly out of Salesforce.

Access everywhere

Online and offline.

View and manage your files via the OneDrive sync application .

Best of both worlds

Keep flexibility.

Never lose the convenience of using either SharePoint or Salesforce within their native environment.

Improve your team's productivity today!

24Files lets you use the best of Salesforce with the power of Microsoft SharePoint

Upload big files

Never exceed your Salesforce storage limit. All your files can be located in SharePoint providing you with all the digital room you need.

File versioning

Track all file changes by users and recall previous versions as possible a failsafe.

Cross access

Switch between all your devices and never lose the flexibility of using either SharePoint or Salesforce within their native environment.

Offline access

Access files and folders even when you are not connected. Keep finetuning presentations or check sales quotes while you are off-grid.

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